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Unleash the vast world of opportunities for overseas learning in Germany

Why the Germany ?

Germany is becoming one of the most desirable destinations for students due to its brilliant opportunities for higher education. It is the home to plenty of worldwide ranked universities, a wide range of courses, and globally valued degrees, which gives you a brilliant opportunity to start your career.

So, the following are the factors that make Germany a hotspot for overseas study.

Top-ranked universities:

Germany comes with a large number of universities that are efficient in providing high-quality education and grooming. As per the official recordings of 2018, there are at least 429 public higher education institutions, among which 106 universities secured some honorable rank in the world. And with the expert counselors of our study abroad agency, you can easily apply and get admission to any of those well-renowned universities.

Low tuition fees:

While studying in Germany, you can enjoy the privilege of a low amount of tuition fees for your courses, which makes it an ultimate destination for higher education abroad. International students will only have to pay for a few administrative charges, summing up to €250/ semester.

Plenty of degree courses:

Starting your study in Germany presents numerous degree courses in front of you, letting you choose the most suitable career option for yourself. Moreover, the courses are much focused on providing a research-based education, which makes it highly beneficial for your career.

Globally recognised study programs:

Studying in Germany will allow you to find your preferable career in any corner of the world. The study programs practiced in German Universities are based on modern terms and structure, which helps you stay up-to-date with your degree and education.

Brilliant work opportunity:

While studying in Germany, international students are allowed to work on a part-time basis for up to 20 hours a week, or 120 days a year. Even after completing your degree, you can get brilliant job offers in any of the leading sectors that rightly align with your career goals.

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